Men Behaving Badly !

October 10, 2009

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by Gareth Watkins

Hi all
What is and isn’t acceptable behaviour on the bank when you are on a carp fishing holiday in France ?

1021380037015820398S425x425Q85This issue of lack of respect to the venues, the owners and the other anglers on the bank is an issue that comes up on a regular basis. Ok don’t get me wrong I enjoy a drink and a social as much as the next bloke, this is one of the reasons I go carp fishing. I like to catch my share but I’m not a dead keen, must catch at all costs and to hell with the rest, type carp fisher. It does seem though that your ‘Costa del Sol, Ibiza type ‘Couldn’t give monkeys’ type attitude is fairly frequent and can spoil a good week on the venue.
What then are the main rules that it is unacceptable to break? We get complaints from disgruntled lake owners and annoyed anglers alike.

Too drunk to Fish: As I said above I too like a beer and a glass of wine or three when out on the bank, but there must be limits! Most lake rules stipulate that if you can’t remain in control of your rods then they should be reeled in. I’ve seen cases where it’s been more like the Eurovision song contest once the whisky starts to flow.
Finally sleeping through a run because you’ve had a skin full is dangerous for the fish and unfair for the other anglers on the bank. Read the rest of this entry »