Our Venue

Two top class Carp fishing holiday lakes covering 6 & 8 acres, set in the Picardy region of France, just north of Reims. The waters are only 150 miles from Calais. An ideal choice if you are looking for a French holiday venue with specimen fish that is a reasonable driving distance from the ferry.
The lakes contain a really good head of specimen
carp averaging over 20lb with fish to well over 50lb. The majority of the carp are mirrors but there are a number of big commons to over 45lb. Both lakes have similar stockings of fish.
The waters contain a head of large grass carp too that occasionally grace the unhooking mats and are an unusual addition to your catches. The lakes have been stocked on a regular basis since I acquired them in 1999.
arp aren’t the only big fish in the venue, we also have some very large catfish.
These superb fighting machines run to over 100lb….. the largest in 2009 topped the 107lb mark..
These awesome predators must be the ultimate in freshwater big fish. Their power and speed has to be seen to be believed.
nsite facilities include hot showers and English style toilets. There is also a mobile home that is available for optional hire and is perfect for wives, girl friends or family holidays. The whole property is fenced in and secure.

Click here to see details of the venue

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