What a week!! May 2013

Just got this report in from my mate Mark of their catches last week.

Tortue Lake Week 11th to 18th May

Adam swim 9:

Cat: 35lb ,53lb
Carp: 47lb
Crucian: 8.8lb


Aaron swim 12:
Cat:23lb, 58lb

Mark swim 10:

Cat: 12lb, 49.5lb
Carp: 42.10lb


Jens swim 13:

Cat: 11.5lb
Carp: 36lb, 34lb, 31lb, 27.5lb, 27lb, 24lb, 23.5lb, 22lb, 18.5lb, 16.5lb, 12lb

Total: 283,5lbs

Uwe swim 11:

Carp- 45.1lb, 33lb, 29lb, 23lb, 32lb,

Total: 224,8 lbs

Mirko swim 15:

Cat 12lb.
Carp 27lb, 43lb

Total: 82lbs

Daniel swim 12:

Cat: 49lb, 64lb, 22lb,11lb, 23lb, 27lb, 46lb, 29lb, 38lb, 11lb, 82lb
Carp- 25,3lb ,32lb, 31lb, 32lb, 33lb, 29lb, 33lb, 32lb, 29lb, 44lb, 24lb, 23lb, 30lb, 36lb, 38lb

Total: 865,3lbs

Grand total: 1807.4lbs


Here are a few more photos:

tortue12 tortue10 tortue09 tortue08 tortue07 tortue06 tortue04 tortue03 tortue02 tortue01 tortue13

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