I Guess Winter Finally Arrived!!

It’s amazing that in one week the weather can change so radically. Just one week ago I was packing up after landing my second biggest common ever. The outside temperatures were in the 5°C and it was fairly overcast. The water temp was 6°C during that weekend.
What a contrast to today, with the lakes frozen solid and covered with a dusting of snow. The day time high here is -6°C with it plummeting to a bone chilling -14°C at night. I was only wondering less than a month ago, when we were going to finally get a winter.
After the New Year we were still experiencing temperatures in the 10-12°C, and no overnight frosts. It was hardly surprising then, in those conditions that the carp continued to feed, and get caught.
But now winter is with us and the picture post card landscapes are all around.

I decided to walk the dog and take my camera around the frozen venue and shoot a few photos to record the chilly but picturesque scenics.

Here is a small selection of lake views that I took, in the same vein as those I shot in 2010, when we had a heavy snow fall. With bright blue skies and bare trees they feel cold just looking at them.
Roll on the warmer weather!!!


7 Responses to I Guess Winter Finally Arrived!!

  1. vince says:

    hi there my name is vince .and ive booked three pegs for myself and two mates,just wanted to compliment your web site and the info you give out on a almost daily basis.im sitting here cooking a roast for me and the family and caunt get this trip out of my head proberly burn the meat lol.sorry to see the lakes are frozen im pleased we booked for the end of may.im keen on catching the cats and have booked peg 8 could you let me no how this peg is around that time of the year or would i be better off in 15, one of my mates is in 13 and the other in 12 ,any info would be helpfull. were all looking forward to meeting you and fishing your venue many thanks vince

  2. croixblanche says:

    Hi Vince
    Thanks for your comments on the website. Hope your roast was ok!!!
    May time the cats will be prety much all over the lake. So peg 8 wil give you as good a shot as any other peg. Peg 15 sort of shares the same water, so I never book the two out at once, unless guys are fishing together.
    May time water levels will be down… On all the Tortue pegs you have a deep margin with a plateau in the centre (around 40m from peg 8) Also on the left you have a sandy bottomed bay which can produce a few fish too.
    During the hot sunny days the carp congregate in front of peg 8 on the surface, so if we get any really hot weather in May it might be worth trying floaters, suspended ‘Zig’ rig baits or anchored floaters… Several big carp fell to zigs last year.
    See you in May

  3. vince says:

    Hello Gareth thanks again for your speedy response you must have a lap top with you on the bank,zigs are becoming all the rage and are not something ive botherd with to much so quess i will be putting in some practice in the coming months, spoding over the top of them can be successful i understand.anyway of to work for me thanx again talk soon vince

  4. croixblanche says:

    No laptop…I think it too would have frozen up with the temps to -19°C we’ve had this week….God its cold!! Feels mike we’re in Siberia. Even the heating is struggling to warm our old house.!!

    I think the trick to all types of surface and subsurface fishing is to keep at it. Carp have been caught here on floaters, but most who try give it a few hours, give up when the fail to catch…Yet they will sit all week behind bottom baits when its obvious the fish are not on the bottom.
    I think zigs used in the conditions I described above, could be very effective.
    The technique has become popular because it works when done correctly. Single hook bait zigs have a far less chance of being taken than one with bait dribbled in over it, on a regular basis. A spod is one way, but if you have a bait boat, that could be very useful for a stealthy approach. I see articles with guys using milky, cloudy type groundbaits to induce the fish into feeding, when they would just ignore a single hooker.
    I’m convinced the guy who takes the trouble to do this technique right on these lakes will do well. In warm weather the fish are always up in the water.

    • vince says:

      emmm Bait boats are not my thing but each to there own a ? i dont think u can beat the hard work of a spod when the results come ,were see i guess.God i hope all your fish are ok it must be a nightmare being a fishery owner when the weather goes this extreme .Were lucky here on the west coast of wales it just rains all the time.anyway dog walk time cheers vince

  5. croixblanche says:

    I’ve never used or owned a bait boat, but I can’t deny they are useful. I tend to use PVA for most of my fishing.
    The fish should be fine, it’ll be warmer under the ice, and they are used to it.
    I walked the dog round the lakes earlier. Still arctic conditions and solid lakes….

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