2012 Gets off to a Flying Start

Waiting by my rods on peg 14

With the unseasonally mild weather the carp have continued to be very active on the lakes. In fact we have not had any frosts so far this year, let alone negative temperatures.
When a couple of Dutch lads wanted to have a crack for a few days in early January it seemed a good idea. They arrived on the 2nd January and after just 24 hours had managed 4 carp. Three in the Croix Lake and one in the Tortue. Not bad at all for a Winter session.

Well, using PVA bags bait-boated out to the areas where carp were showing, with strawberry snowman rigs, they continued to get action for the four nights fished, banking in total 8 carp and losing a couple more. The best fish was a magnificent 45lb mirror.
Fuelled by their success I decided it was time I had a go myself. My last session back in November had resulted in a blank; but now there were clear signs of active fish.

I set up in peg 14 and lobbed out three PVA bags with carp pellets and Quest baits Pineapple Crush 15mm boilies. I had wanted an instant type bait in a smaller size than I usually use, and happened to have a bag of these in the garage. Rigwise, I kept my usual fluorocarbon D rig hook links, but used a very slow sinking snowman combination.

My new PB Common at 46lb

I knew the swim would still have a fair amount of residual weed, but a quick cast around with a marker revealed that it was not too thick. I placed the whole rig in the bags, which combined with the buoyant hook baits I reasoned, should see me fishing ok.
I had my first take just after dark, and was a nice clean 22lb mirror. The rod was cast back out, and after dinner I hopped into my hammock for some shut eye, just as the rain started to come down.
Around 3.30am the centre rod bleeped and ripped off. I connected with a good fish that straight away took line. After a few minutes I got it near the bank where it plodded around in the deep margins. I somehow had picked up my left hand rod by now and this made the fight more awkward.
Anyway luck was on my side and a chunky common rolled into the net.
I heaved the weigh sling up on the scales I’d hung from a tree and it bounced round to settle at 46lb.
A new PB common…

Seddik with the same common at 42lb 10oz

I do wish though I’d caught it in other circumstances. Here I was alone, at night, in pouring rain with a big fish. What to do. I had to make a decision and I did not want to sack the fish. So I took a couple of shots on the mat and let her go. Such is life…
I had seen the fish on two occasions in 2011, when the fish was 42lb. I’m glad to see her gaining weight.

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