Spring is in the Air

Well despite the cold, the weather has a distinctly spring like feel to it this week. Here in northern France we’ve been bathed in bright sunshine  with clear blue skies for the last few days.
I took the opportunity to get the rods out, (my new Freespirit Hi S to be precise). The days, while warm in the sun, around 15°C, were very cold and night and both mornings I was out, I awoke with frost on my Trakker cover. I guess we were getting -3°C. (Kind of miss the old campervan, with its heating and cooker)

The fish showed a few signs of activity, and I heard a few very large swirl at night, but not more than the odd beep came to our rods over the two days at the water.The catfish don’t seem to be at all active yet if the frantic diving activity of the coots is anything to go by. They usually vaccate the premises once old whiskers wakes up.

I had been hopeful as a couple of Dutch anglers fishing the previous week for pike (they manage a good number too to mid double figures) had managed a couple of moderate sized commons as well, so I’d been hopeful for a run.
I think my optimism had been justified as the first group of anglers on the Croix Blanche this weekend managed a 20lb mirror the first night.
Anyway I had the opportunity to snap a few nice sunrise shots on the Tortue Lake. The BBQ served as a perfect early morning warmer and let me brew up as I watched the sun crawl up over the tree line. I guess its not all about catching but often just being there!!

Next time out I’m confident I’ll get a fish or two.


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