Long Hot Summer – Don’t Neglect Floaters

It won’t have escaped anyone’s attention if you have been in France this last week or so that it has been HOT! Temperatures have soared to over 40°C….
I don’t know if other lakes are like the Croix Blanche but many of the carp can be seen up on the surface, basking in the surface layers where the water temps have been over 25°C. In the deeper waters though, the differential between the surface and the bottom can be quite extreme. This was illustrated to me this week when a Dutch angler went into the water to free a snagged catfish. While the water was like bath water in the margin, once he dived down to free the fish he told me the water was considerably colder.
It would seem then fairly obvious that the carp seek these warmer comfort layers to hold up during the heat of the day and often remain very hard to tempt on conventional carp methods. Generally we hear regularly that you can’t catch fish off the top in France. But how many actually try for any length of time? People will happily sit all week behind a boilie on the bottom, blanking … yet how many actually persist with a floater.
Well it can pay off as Jeanette Searby proved this week when she banked a lovely 25lb mirror in a floater on the Croix Blanche Lake. The carp have a habit of grouping in front of peg 7. They have done this ever since I’ve had the venue. But most people don’t bother giving floaters a go. So if you are off to France and it is forecast to be roasting don’t forget to take some floaters….

Check out this video on Floater Fishing
Vodpod videos no longer available.


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