Spring Clean

Well it’s Spring again and the fish are moving. Its time now the weather is better to get all those jobs done that improve the fishery and could not be done during the colder weather.

  1. Strimming:  The first major task was to cut back the vegetation that has grown profusely around each peg. Armed with a chainsaw, and a petrol strimmer, I’ve been attacking the wild plants of the Croix Blanche. What amazes me though is that virtually every shrub I want to eliminate is armed with absolutely vicious spikes and spines!
    Well most pegs have been opened out and cleaned. This has made the lake generally look tidier and well kept. Add to this a large number of trees that came down in end of winter storms and I’ve had my work cut out removing huge quantities of wood.
  2. Num3ers:  For years people have been asking me which peg is which. Nathalie has never got the lay out in her head and many anglers are the same, quoting the wrong peg for catches or the wrong peg on the wrong lake etc. So I have made up lake peg numbers that have been screwed to the trees on each swim. I made them out of slices of Birch that had the number stenciled on and a coat of varnish applied.
  3. Mobile Home:  The awning of the mobile home has a wooden structure, but was painted with a red coloured preserver that really didn’t look nice. So Nathalie volunteered to take on the task of painting is tall in dark oak wood stain. She has just about finished and it looks really nice.
  4. Shower block: The floor of the shower block has been bothering me for a year or so as it has scuffed up badly with the succession of boots from anglers and my desperate attempts to scrub it clean. I actually bought the floor paint last year, but either weather or anglers on the venue prevented me from getting it done. I really needed at least a week free to apply three coats and to make the shower areas look cleaner and fresher. Well it’s been done and while its not the Ritz it certainly looks clean and tidy and as good as any campsite shower block I’ve used in the last few years.



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